Saturday, 28 August 2010

Stroke Recovery: Escape

I wrote this a month after coming home, as I was making such good progress.


Trapped in the house by a wonky leg,
Always looking at the same four walls.
Walking cautious leaning on a stick,
Cannot go when the outside calls.

Physiotherapists come into my home,
Teach me tricks for how to get about.
Give me exercises, practice every day,
Giving me advice when I'm in doubt.

Walking stronger out into the hall,
Step over the sill at the front door,
Turn round backwards to get in the car,
Now I'm free to get out and explore.

Last big hurdle: learn to climb the stairs –
Practice on the bottom step for days.
Use the strong leg one step at a time,
Bedroom here I come, a cheer I'll raise.

Still walk slowly, have to take my time,
Can't do everything yet on my own.
Gaining freedom one step at a time.
Thank God I have never been alone.

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