Friday, 3 September 2010

Stroke Recovery: Exercise Therapy Assessment

This has been a busy week. The most significant thing was my Exercise Therapy assessment on Tuesday. I have been looking forward to this, as my physiotherapy has finished and now I need strength in my legs. As far as I was concerned, the assessment was a formality, to determine the programme of exercise that I need. However, it didn't turn out that way.

First the good news: I have lost a few pounds since last week, my muscles % is right, and my blood pressure is OK.

The bad news: My resting pulse rate is 104 and they won't let anyone do Exercise Therapy with a pulse over 100. It was a real surprise as it was OK in hospital. The problem is that exercise raises the pulse rate, and if it's high already, that is dangerous. The Exercise Therapist is going to talk to the doctor and let me know. The only treatment is more walking to strengthen my heart or medication. There is no appointment available at the doctor's until next Wednesday.

So I am trying to walk about more, and waiting until next Wednesday. Please pray for me, that my pulse rate will come down, and I have the chance to get fitter under supervision.

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