Saturday, 18 September 2010

Stroke Recovery: Three Firsts

Had a great two days, Thursday and Friday. On Thursday I decided it was time to start walking outside. I wasn't sure how far I could walk, so I went as far as I could and Michael came behind with the wheelchair to take me back. I counted gates, since I live on street of terraced houses, and I walked 6 gates. This is in addition to walking out of the house and back in again afterwards.

On Friday, instead of having my normal strip wash, I had my first shower! Our shower is over the bath, but Michael found the bath seat, and helped me swing my legs over the side of the bath. It was so wonderful to be under the running water.

Then on Friday night it was my daughter Aggi's birthday gig, held in a place upstairs with no disabled access. I not only walked in, I climbed one long flight and two short flights all in one go. After sitting for two hours, I then walked down again in one go too. It was a lovely evening, made all the more special for me because I was able to be there.

So, I am more and more mobile. It won't be long before I can walk outside on my own - I am determined. I also have a goal to give up my quad stick and only need an ordinary stick. Watch me go!

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