Saturday, 11 September 2010

Stroke Recovery: Exercise Therapy At Last

I finally got to start my exercise therapy, but I had to go via the doctor first. It was quite funny actually, as the doctor checked me out thoroughly and said she could find nothing wrong. So it is official - there's nothing wrong with me! But I still have a high pulse rate, just over 100. She took some advice and talked to the exercise therapist. He pointed out that right now I'm not up to doing anything that's going to raise my pulse rate anyway!

So I was allowed to go, and started right away. The great thing is that I was attending exercise therapy for a few years before my stroke, so I know the therapist and the gym well. Familiarity really helps when you're nervous and feeling vulnerable.

We worked first on my bad arm, which the physiotherapists ignored after the first 6 weeks, so it was pretty stiff. But we were amazed at how much it improved, even though there is still no life in it - yet! He showed Michael how to do the stretches for me so we can do them every day.

I went on the cycle and then he made me sit on a high seat and stand up and sit down without holding on - 10 times! It was hard work but I felt great afterwards.

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