Thursday, 5 August 2010

Stroke Recovery: Upstairs

The Physio's came today and were so pleased with my progress that they got me to walk all the way upstairs to the bedroom! I rested on a chair on the half landing and then climbed the rest of the way and sat on the bed. After another rest I did the same in reverse. I was very tired afterwards.

The Physio's said this means I can now sleep upstairs, which was a real surprise. They pointed out that I would only have to go upstairs at night and downstairs in the morning, not do both together as I did today. When I calmed down from my delight I realised there are a few logistic problems, so it may be a while before I can actually sleep upstairs. We will have to work it out.

It does mean that I have access to the upstairs. Up until now I have had to ask Michael to fetch things, and I can't always remember where they are. So the limits of my world continue to expand.

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