Monday, 5 July 2010

Stroke Recovery: The Tunnel

Here's the first poem I wrote in the early days after my stroke:

The Tunnel

I've driven down a tunnel
And I can't get out.
I don't know how I got here,
But there's no doubt
Although right now I'm a bit lost,
I've got to work it out.

My hand doesn't work,
That can't be right.
I'll make a joke but what's this?
To speak is a fight.
My leg's gone too, now I'm
In the tunnel with no light.

But into hospital,
Doctors get busy:
X-rays, Cat scans,
I'm in a tizzy.
Then it's over
And it's down to physi-o.

I'm still in the tunnel,
But now I can see
The lie of the land
And where I want to be.
There's a light shining,
Soon I will be free.

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