Monday, 12 July 2010

Stroke Recovery: Physiotherapy

Light-hearted thoughts about physiotherapy. The pain is manageable, as they seek to find the limits to your movement and to encourage the muscles to stretch further. As soon as it hurts, they back off and seek to find another way. But it is important because this is how you will get your mobility back.


Come to physiotherapy
It's as easy and A-B-C
We'll get you fixed up just you see
But it's more like A-B-Ouch!

Ouch! We'll stretch that muscle so tight
Ouch! Make those limbs put up a fight
Ouch! Work hard and get it right
Not much fun this A-B-Ouch!

But in physiotherapy
Lies your chance of normality
Just work hard and you will see
It's worth A-B-Ouch!

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