Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Stroke Recovery: One Small Step

Had physiotherapy again today, which went very well. Concentrating on walking, and although I am currently rather nervous, they assured me that I will be walking confidently in the end. What a great relief. My knee has started working, so I don't have to hitch from the hip so much.

Here is another poem about physiotherapy, this time about learning to walk and what it meant to me. Until you have lost the ability, you can't imagine how it feels to be up on your own feet and moving under your own power.

One Small Step

Learning to walk again.
The minute details of muscle and balance,
Learned and mastered,
One move at a time.

Straighten the knee.
No, straighten the knee.
Hold it there, but not too straight.
Don't let it give – pure willpower.

Oh the joy of standing!
Looking people in the eye –
Not a cripple for that moment.
Taking charge.

Stand up straight,
Shoulders down, bottom in,
Now transfer your weight,
And keep that knee straight!

Can it take my weight?
Can I keep that knee straight?
Am I stable enough?
For one small step.

One small step.
Like Armstrong's giant leap.
The start of something big.

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