Saturday, 10 January 2009

Writing Inspiration

One of my Christmas presents was a Mslexia Diary. I had never heard of them, but they are an organisation for women writers. The Diary is amazing, lots of quotes and ideas, and tips, and pages to keep track of your work, and blank pages for your writing. It has inspired me to do more, and think more, and keep track of my thinking.

To my surprise, I have already written a poem - I haven't written poetry for years, and I just got an idea for a cryptic first line, and I was away! I'm not ready to share it with the world just yet, just with those I trust, but it's a start. I'm also making good progress with The Kestrel. Part 1 is finished, and I have someone reading it for me. I have started re--writing part 2 and been gratified to find that the Captain's first speech reveals all the things I have hinted at in part 1 - even though I didn't check it while I was writing.

I have also decided to revisit something Christian I wrote a long time ago and never finished. In light of the errors creeping into the church these days, I think it is even more relevant than when I started it. It's called 'Blinded by the Light', and deals with the errors we can fall into, even when we're saved. Things like superstition, and looking for magic formulas. I'll keep you posted.


Anna said...

That Diary is brilliant isn't it. I have even listed books that peole have recommended so I don't forget to actually READ them.

Well done on the poem though, I do not write them much myself and when I do a rarely stick to the rules of poetry. Glad that you are making progress with the Kestrel I would really like to read it sometime as what I read before was rather intriguing. ^_^

Sounds like you are doing quite a bit on the writing front. I have done about 5k on the novel this week, but at the moment I have to practise my academic writing as I have essays and research proposals to complete. Still it is all writing and all practise, and so all good. ^_^

Looking forward to reading more x

Mike's 4 Tea said...

Hey, that's an interesting post. Why not find a way to link through to the Mslexia web site? Maybe others might like to know more. if you don't know how just ask me. I am sitting on the sofa right next to you :)