Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas Trappings

Sorry I haven't posted for over a month, explanations later. For now, here's some food for thought about Christmas.

What are you getting for Christmas?
Have you been good girls and boys?
If you are naughty then Father
Christmas won't bring any toys.

Have you got all your decorations,
Your holly and mistletoe?
Have you ordered your turkey and puddings?
Is your tree with lights aglow?

And amidst all these rushed preparations,
As you check what you've bought - and buy more,
Do you ever stop to consider
Just what are we doing it for?

What has this got to do with Jesus?
He's what it's about after all.
Are you teaching your children to love Him -
Or on Father Christmas to call?

As you eat and drink and be merry,
And open your gifts round the tree,
Does it cross your mind to be grateful
For Bethlehem and Calvary?

If you must have your festive trappings
Try to dwell on the good things that come,
(The kind that don't come in wrappings)
As we think of the birth of God's Son.

Be loving and thankful and prayerful,
Be kind, be of good cheer.
But let's forget the Christmas spirit,
And be like this all year.
Ann Marie

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