Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thinking Thursday: The Cymru Institute for Contemporary Christianity

On Wednesday 10th March I attended the launch event for the Cymru Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and I was impressed. Such an initiative is long overdue, and I hope that it fulfils what it promises. I would encourage all thinking Christians to get involved. You can link directly totheir web site from the title of this post. There is not much there yet, but there is a podcast of the talk Joel Edwards gave at the launch meeting, which I heartily recommend.
Here is part of their press release:

Evangelical Alliance Wales has announced an ambitious plan to launch the ‘Cymru Institute for Contemporary Christianity’ (CICC) as a major feature of its twentieth anniversary celebrations in 2010.
The new, all-Wales initiative will enable Welsh Christians to engage with greater confidence in a whole range of issues such as politics, science, the arts and work. It will launch in March 2010 with a series of events around Wales, including one based on the BBC TV’s ‘Question Time’.
The institute aims to equip Christians to grapple effectively with the issues of faith in the 21st century. Through a programme of seminars, delivered by leading Christian thinkers in Wales and across the UK, CICC will provide the best teaching and insights to help God’s people biblically respond to the issues making the news.
“The call on God’s people to understand the culture in which we live, and engage biblically with contemporary issues and people has never been greater,” said Rev Elfed Godding, Director of Evangelical Alliance Wales. “Our ability to share the gospel competently and confidently, relating it to our modern day world, has a major bearing on the spiritual health of our nation.”

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