Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Blinded by the Light 15 Superstition - The Trap

We condemn those who worship idols, and sacred places, yet we have constructed a whole set of rules about what we should wear and what we should do when we meet together. We are superstitious about our church buildings as 'The Lord's House'. God no longer needs a house, since he dwells in our hearts (1 Cor.3:16).

There are many unwritten rules about dress and behaviour, which the visitor or new Christian can cross unknowingly. Criticism and disapproval can put someone off and drive them away. The important thing is that they come to church to learn the gospel and worship God, not how they dress. Young children can be unwelcome in services because they can be noisy and disruptive. This precludes their parents as well, thus preventing more people from coming to God.

Such superstitious behaviour has caused problems, for example, with those who come seeking Christ from unsavoury backgrounds. The tramp, the drug addict, the hooligan with no manners, are all turned away by our disapproval of their 'inappropriate' dress and behaviour in meetings. Jackie Pullinger, when she began to convert the drug addicts in Hong Kong, found them unwelcome in the local Christian churches, and was forced to start a church of her own - something she was against doing. And closer to home, those working with Teen Challenge in our own streets, find great difficulty in finding churches who will welcome the young people they reach.

The Sabbath day was ordained for man to rest, not as the special day on which to worship God. We are supposed to "pray continually" (1 Thes.5:17), not just on Sundays.

There is nothing wrong in the wearing of a cross or sign of the fish, except when it is attributed with special powers to make the wearer feel safe or comforted. Being superstitious about this jewellery is akin to idol worship.

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