Friday, 1 August 2008

These things I know: 2 The Kingdom of God

This is the foundation of the whole Bible and the Gospel. At creation, God established His Kingdom on earth. Adam & Eve lived under God's rule, in the place God set apart for them. Their rebellion against God severed that relationship and resulted in their being thrown out of the Garden of Eden. It doesn't matter whether you believe the Adam & Eve story literally or not, it is the principles it illustrates that are important.

Ever since, God has been working to restore His Kingdom. This could not be done all at once, mankind has free will and needed to learn more about God and His purposes, and the truth about the human condition.

* It began with a covenant with Adam & Eve - individuals.
* Then a covenant with Abraham and his descendants - a family.
* Through the exodus, God made a covenant with Israel - a nation. He gave them laws and religious practices, and led them to a promised land.
* Through Jesus Christ, God's Kingdom became available to the whole world.

The 'promised land' failed in Eden because of rebellion, failed with Abraham's family and with Israel because of faithlessness and sin. This showed repeatedly that perfect obedience to God is impossible for human beings, because they are flawed from the start.

Only through Jesus Christ can we be made perfect and born again to as new life in God's Kingdom. God has provided the means to meet His own requirements.

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