Monday, 18 July 2011

The Hobbit Films

I am really excited about Peter Jackson's new films of The Hobbit, after his triumph with The Lord of the Rings trilogy. There are to be two films, An Unexpected Journey and There And Back Again. I have been looking up the casting details, and thought I would share them. Click on a name to see the actor's entry in the Internet Movie Database.

Where the same character appears in The Hobbit as in The Lord of the Rings, the same actors have been secured. So there will be continuity:
Bilbo Baggins (old) – Ian Holm
Elrond - Hugo Weaving 
Frodo Baggins - Elijah Wood 
Gandalf - Sir Ian McKellen 
Galadriel - Cate Blanchett 
Gollum - Andy Serkis
Legolas - Orlando Bloom 
Saruman - Sir Christopher Lee 

Bilbo goes off on an awfully big adventure with thirteen dwarves:
Bilbo Baggins - Martin Freeman 
Thorin Oakenshield - Richard Armitage 
Bifur - William Kircher 
Bofur - James Nesbitt 
Bombur - Steven Hunter 
Balin - Ken Stott 
Dwalin - Graham McTavish 
Dori - Mark Hadlow 
Nori - Jed Brophy 
Ori - Adam Brown 
Fili - Dean O’Gorman 
Kili - Aidan Turner
Gloin - Peter Hambleton 
Oin - John Callen 

And here are some other cast members:
Azog - Conan Stevens
Alfrid - Ryan Gage 
Bard - Luke Evans 
Beorn - Mikael Persbrandt 
King Dain – (rumored) Brian Blessed 
Galion – (rumored) Dominic Keating 
Goblin King - Barry Humphries 
Lindir - Bret McKenzie
Master of Laketown - Stephen Fry 
Radagast -Sylvester McCoy 
Smaug/ Necromancer - Benedict Cumberbatch 
Tauriel – Evangeline Lilly
King Thrain - Mike Mizrahi
Thranduil - Lee Pace
King Thror - Jeffrey Thomas

An Unexpected Journey will be released on 14th December 2012.

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