Saturday, 4 June 2011

Scribbling Saturday: Matthew Grace, Doctor on the Kestrel

Matthew Grace had quite a shock to be called up to replace Dr Robinson. He had been working on a space station, and was looking forward to coasting down to his retirement, so he was not well pleased to be drafted in as emergency replacement. He was also not happy to find it was a dangerous mission, and his paramedic Sam Ryan would be sleeping in sickbay. He initially took it out on the poor paramedic.

Grace was an older man, with cropped grey hair and a round face. He was not so fit as Robinson, he was anticipating his retirement. He had a different perspective on getting older when he talked to Tofi Dathan, the Kohathi. He learned that the Kohathi value the learning and experience of the older ones, who never retire, but take apprentices to pass on their knowledge.

At the end of the first book he decides to retire to Sam Ryan's planet, who badly need a doctor.

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Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!