Saturday, 12 February 2011

Scribbling Saturday: Another Draft

So, another draft of my sci-fi novel Flight of the Kestrel 1: Intruders is almost finished. I have moved some episodes around and added some, and I hope the whole thing flows better. It is now over 57,000 words, which is still really too short for a novel. A story can't call itself a novel until it reaches 50,000 words, but my studies recently have told me that 80,000 words is better.

To reach that I will need at least one more good subplot, if not several. Right now I can't think of anything, so it will have to simmer on the back burner until something pops up. You can't add more than a few thousand words with details.

So when this draft is finished, what am I going to do next? Start the next draft, of course. The last edit was an overview edit, looking for holes and overall structure problems. Now I need to knuckle down and read it through, seeking to improve the writing. And, of course, look for that new subplot.

Wish me luck!

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